Distribution Reinvestment Plan

    Summit Industrial Income REIT has established a Distribution Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP") to enable Canadian resident Unitholders to acquire additional Units through the reinvestment of regular monthly distributions on all or any part of their Units.

    To enroll in the DRIP, beneficial Unitholders may contact their broker who is a CDS participant and who holds the Unitholder's uncertificated Units. Registered Unitholders should contact the Computershare Trust Company of Canada (the "Plan Agent") National Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-564-6253 or online at www.investorcentre.com . Once enrolled, participation in the DRIP will continue automatically unless terminated.

    Summit II REIT DRIP Enrollment Form

    Plan Units will be issued directly from the treasury of Summit II REIT at a price based on the volume-weighted average of the closing price for the 5 trading days immediately preceding the relevant distribution date. Participants will receive "bonus units" in an amount equal in value to 3% of each cash distribution.

    For more information, please download the Summit II REIT Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) (pdf).